about dapco

DAPCO was incorporated on October 15th 1996 in the state of New York. It's president and founder, John Corcacas, created the company solely as a web site design company. Creating mostly informational web sites for local small and medium businesses.

About DAPCO The incredible fast growth of the web, advancements in technologies and the constant drop of storage and computer prices has taken DAPCO on a journey that has added many services to it's menu. DAPCO is now known as a premier web development company specializing in "The Corporate Look" and E-Commerce database driven e-stores. Servicing many well know companies in New York and beyond.

We supply all these services in house:

Why Work With DAPCO?

Firstly, we have been around since 1996. Not many other businesses can say they have been around that long. Here is a short list as to why you should work with us.
  • We are easy to work with
  • We are friendly and professional
  • We encourage your ideas
  • We come highly recommended
  • We use current web standards

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for us? There's a good chance that it has already been answered. Go have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions where you can find many common answers.

Our Clients

Being around since 1996, we have had our fair share of clients. There are many that we still hold a solid relationship with since the beginning. To view a list of our happy and satisfied clients, just click on the link below.

Our Work

We have created websites as small as a single page to websites that carry thousands of products through a database. To see our clients, click the link below.