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Our web hosting services are considered to be state of the art in the industry. Providing your business with a track record of less than 1.5% down time during an entire year!

Website Hosting Services Our bandwidth will provide your web site the ability to support hundreds and even thousands of visitors to your site at any one time!

Providing - Unix, NT, Windows 2000, Apache, Macromedia Flash, Quicktime, Real Audio, CGI, SQL, ASP, SSI, XML and true audio and video streaming support. Ftp access allows your personnel to enter your web site from the backdoor for quick changes (requires some html knowledge).

DAPCO will combine the design and consulting services, along with hosting services to assure your company a successful and full functioning web presence on the world wide web.

DAPCO's Hosting Guarantee

Your Monthly Hosting is Guaranted by DAPCO. If for any reason your not satisfied with our hosting service, DAPCO will refund the fee for that month.

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Technical Information

Bandwidth Solutions Inc. (Babylon) is linked with Pair networks (North Carolina), which maintains world-class facilities under it's own exclusive control. Our newly-constructed datacenter (January 1998) includes redundant cooling, dedicated fiber paths, complete two-stage power protection, FM-200 fire suppression, 24-hour security, and diverse, redundant network service. Our servers are built to stringent specifications and go through a rigorous testing procedure prior to deployment. Extensive spare equipment is kept on-site.

We use a cluster of Exabyte Mammoth tape drives for 24-hour backups of all servers. This is a more scalable, cost-effective, and decentralized solution than a single giant tape library. The tape drives are fed by 240Gb of staging storage in order to ensure optimum throughput. Each tape is capable of storing 20Gb before compression. ("Gb" indicates gigabyte, or one billion characters of information) Bits Inc. through Pair Network, employs a two-stage power protection system in order to guarantee the best possible response to power problems.

The first line of defense is our pool of APC Symmetra datacenter UPSes. The Symmetra is APC's flagship offering in redundant, scalable, online power protection for continuously operating systems. We are using top-of-the-line 16kVA models to protect all of our server equipment. Check out the technical specifications of the Symmetra; it is sure to impress.

Our second line of defense is our automatic bus transfer system, linked to a dedicated 250,000 watt diesel generator. (That's right, 250,000 watts; it's not a typo.) The bus transfer system monitors utility power, and in the event of any significant interruption of power, automatically starts the generator and transfers all load once the generated power is clean.

The entire switch over process takes between fifteen and twenty seconds; if there are problems, our Symmetra units can provide power for as long as one hour while the problem is investigated and resolved. When utility power returns to normal, the load is restored and the generator is allowed to spin down safely. At no time is power to our server and network equipment interrupted.

Isn't This Overkill?

No. Since full installation of this power protection system was completed on April 16, 1998, there have been more than two dozen utility power failures lengthy enough to start the generator. In a number of cases, the outage was longer than an hour, which exceeds the capacity of any reasonable UPS configuration. Our generator system is capable of running 24 hours/day indefinitely, and can be refueled while running Bits Inc. through Pair Network, operates its own dedicated network for its Web hosting datacenter. All of our servers are connected to our collision-free, low-latency, fully switched local network, with multiple outgoing lines for redundant connectivity to the Internet. At present, we are operating four fiber optic DS-3's, connected to three world-class network service providers (commonly referred to as "backbones"). Digex, UUnet (2x) and SAVVIS.

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